Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto


Events 2009


November 21 - Japan Society Annual Award of Honor Gala

October 4 – Mishibana Kai 15th Anniversary, Kabuki Hotel, San Francisco, w/Brian                                    Mitsuhiro Wong

August 29 – Wedding, Yank Sing Restaurant, San Francisco, w/Brian Mitsuhiro Wong

August 9 – Sacramento Bazaar, w/Brian Mitsuhiro Wong

August 1 – Oakland Obon Festival, w/ Brian Mitsuhiro Wong, Felicia Kazuou Bock, koto
                  students, Brendan Landis (composer and koto), and readers from the Berkeley
                  Public Library

August 1 – Medical convention reception, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, w/Charles                             Moselle (flutes and keyboard)

June 7 –   Thank you program for Kazuhiro Watanabe, Oakland Buddhist Church,                                     w/Michael Connelly (shakuhachi), Brian Mitsuhiro Wong, and Kathryn Hobart

June 6 –    Wedding garden party, Berkeley, w/Michael Connelly (shakuhachi)

May 17 –   UC Berkeley East Asian Studies Graduation, Alumni House

May 7 –          Berkeley Public Library, koto concert, with Brian Mitsuhiro Wong

May 5 –          KQED Asian Pacific Heritage event, San Francisco, w/Jeff Massanari (guitar)

April 25 –       Cupe rtino Cherry Blossom Festival, with Kazuhiro Watanabe (koto),
                       Michael Connelly (shakuhachi), Brian Mitsuhiro Wong, and koto students.

April 11 –        Gualala Whale & Jazz Festival, w/Karl Young (shakuhachi)

March 28 –     Private Cherry Blossom event, Woodside, w/Brian Mitsuhiro Wong

March 24 –    International Special Events Society, Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco,
                       w/Brian Mitsuhiro Wong

March 12– San Francisco City Hall, Murasaki Ensemble

March 10 –Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, solo and jazz trio

February 7 – Japanese American Museum of San Jose Gala, Holiday Inn, w/Jeff Massanari                      (guitar) and John Wiitala (bass)

February 5 – Arts of Pacific Asia, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, w/Murasaki Ensemble,                    Brian Mitsuhiro Wong and Andrei Ivanoff (guitar)

January 31 –  Recital of koto students of Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto and Brian Mitsuhiro                                 Wong, at Oakland Buddhist Church

January 25 – Buddhist Women’s Association, Palo Alto, at Jade Palace Restaurant,
                      w/Brian Mitsuhiro Wong

January 12 – Taketa Pharmaceuticals, Hotel Nikko San Francisco, with Michael Connelly                               (shakuhachi), and Murasaki Ensemble

January 10 – Kosakura Tours and Travel Reunion, Zio Fraedo’s Italian and Continental
                       Restaurant, Pleasant Hill, w/Brian Mitsuhi


ro Wong


Sunday, November 9, 2008

 "Hidden Legacy: Honoring teachers of  Japanese traditional arts in the Internment Camps"

Old First Concerts, 1751 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94108, (415)474-1608 

Saturday, October 25, 2008 – Jazz School w/Avotcja and Modupue;

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Please join us at the 2008 Award of Honor Gala as we celebrate women in US-Japan business.


Sunday, September 21, 2008  Petaluma Poetry Walk Bella Luma Caffe - Helen Putnam Plaza 5 pm  125 Petaluma Blvd. N. , Petaluma, CA. 

Avotcja is a poet/playwright, teacher, multi-instrumentalist, popular Bay Area DJ and an ASCAP recording artist. Appearing with Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto on koto and Eugene Warren on bass.r 4, 2008 –

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