Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto

Japanese Koto Music

Saturday December 5, 2015 

4pm  -  5:30pm

Audre Lorde Room, Women’s Building

3543 18th St. San Francisco CA 94110

Early Bird and Advance tickets are only available at AMASIA Hide’s Sushi Bar.

149 Noe St. SF CA 94114

 415-861-7000 5:30pm~9pm

General: $15**$20* /$25 door
 Artists & Musicians: $10** $15* /$20 door

Seniors: $10**$15**  /$20 door
 Full Time students: $5** $10* /$15 door

**Early Birds: 11/5 ~ 11/12 ・E*Advance: 11/13 ~ 11/30




KotoC 12_5 info2

Sept. 7, Monday, 3p-5p
Sausalito Arts Festival
 with Murasaki Ensemble

Aug. 15, 2015, Saturday, 7 PM
 San Jose Japantown 125th Anniversary

Aug. 8, 2015, Saturday, 2 PM to 2:40 PM
 Sacramento Bazaar
 2401 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA
 free and open to the public.
 Koto performance by Shirley, students, and friends



Aug. 1, 2015, Saturday, 5 PM to 5:45 PM
 Oakland Obon Festival
825 Jackson Street, Oakland, CA
 free and open to the public
 Koto performance by Shirley, students, and friends

Aug. 4, 2015, Tuesday, 5 PM to 6:30 PM
 Peace Day commemoration
 with reading of "Sadako and the Thousand Cranes"
 koto performances and instruction for origami folding of paper cranes to Hiroshima
 Free and open to the public
 Berkeley Public Library 3rd Floor
2090 Kittredge Street, Berkeley, CA

Aug. 2, 2015, Sunday, 3 PM to 4 PM 
 Palo Alto Obon Festival
 2751 Louis Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303
 (650) 856-0123
free and open to the public
 Koto performance
by Shirley, students, and friends



April 25, 2015,
 Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival
 Shirley Muramoto with Brian Mitsuhiro Wong, Debbie Kashihiro Brune and students

April 11, 2015
 Rosie the Riveter Museum
 Hidden Legacy screening
 w/Brian Mitsuhiro Wong



March 31, 2015,
 Larkspur Theater, Marin Nakayoshi Club
Hidden Legacy screening, solo koto



March 21, 2015,
 Japanese American Museum of San Jose fundraiser
 Hidden Legacy screening, solo koto performance
 Wesley Methodist Church



March 12, 2015,
 Valley View Middle School
 koto demonstration for 7th grade classes



Feb. 28, 2015,
 Chinese New Year performance
with Wang Fei on Guqin, Union City Library



Feb. 21, 2015

 Films of Remembrance
New People Cinema
 with Brian Mitsuhiro Wong and Bo Chappel



Feb. 18, 2015,
Floating World exhibit opening dinner
 Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, private



Feb. 18, 2015,
 Floating World brunch
 Asian Art Museum
 performing w/Murasaki Ensemble, private



Feb. 8, 2015,
San Mateo Public Library, Hidden Legacy screening, solo koto



Jan. 31, 2015,
 Elmwood Theater, Berkeley
 Hidden Legacy screening, koto w/Bo Chappel



Jan. 30, 2015
 Far East Cafe
 San Francisco, private



Jan. 24, 2015
 performing w/Murasaki Ensemble



Jan. 16, 2015,
 Saratoga/Muko Sister City
 Joan Pisani Community Center
 Hidden Legacy screening, solo koto



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